My Story

Hello fellow foodie friend!

A few years ago I decided to take actions and change my direction in life to be a more healthy and happy one. I remember I was always feeling tired with no energy. I had stomach pains every time I ate. I had migraines every evening after school. I was stressed out, off balance and caught in the trap of working more and more. So I decided to “change”.
No! It wasn’t an overnight decision and yes! it was very difficult at first. Little by little, I eliminated foods and drinks that weren’t nourishing my body and replaced them with healthy and delicious ones. I started to workout more, dance more, run more and even walk more. And it felt so damn good!!!
I also started to move away from negative thoughts, negative people and anything that was bringing me down. Since then I’ve healed my severe migraine and my terrible daily digestion issues with no medication AT ALL. I’ve lost the extra weight, became stronger and happier only with changing my lifestyle. Now I truly believe that food is the ultimate medicine.
We all live in a very busy world. I don’t know any other person around me who is not trying to do 5000 different things at the same time. But eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated or boring and it shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes to put a nutritious meal together for you and your loved ones.
That’s why I decided to create this account without any expectations just as a hobby. I can NOT believe that now we are this big family and I have so many foodie friends all around the world!
If I can be a part of your health journey with you, inspiring you with even one new idea that you didn’t know about, encouraging you to go drink that smoothie or put that fast food down and cook some real food, that is more than enough for me. Seriously! Because that’s exactly what I needed when I started my own health journey.